Our Work

212 Automotive and Media Consulting have successfully helped many businesses achieve their advertising goals. As shown below, our ad agency specializes in developing advertisements for the automotive industry. We know what your customers are looking for and can develop an advertising strategy that caters directly to their needs.



More than 90% of Americans listen to the radio each week. Tap into that market with our Radio Advertising service.





Digital Marketing

Reach more customers with maximum impact and highly-targeted digital media services. Our partners, E&M Digital Media, deliver the power to drive scalable, multi-screen digital advertising campaigns using an innovative solutions platform.


Social Media

Social media is one of the strongest forms of digital marketing. In our modern age, social media has grown at an incredible rate. Facebook alone handles 1.5 billion updates per day, and 16% of all the time people spend on the internet is on social networks.

Sales Consulting

We offer an extensive array of automotive ad services where we come up with ad campaigns for TV, Radio, Digital, Print, and Social Media Advertising to get your message out there so that customers come streaming into your business regardless of the brand of cars you deal with.